• M200 - The Magic Telephone - Audio Guest Book

    $169 for All Day Use

    We do more than just rent photobooths, we capture memories and what better way to capture memories than an audio guest book. Easy to use, this is an inexpensive way to capture the essence of your special day.

  • Why have the Magic Telephone?

    Easy to Use

    You provide us an outgoing greeting via our web portal. We add it to the phone. Guests pick up the handset and immediately hear your greeting to them. After the beep, they leave a message and then hang up. Occassionally, the phone will ring to alert people to pick up the handset. It is quite funny to see their reactions.

    Permanent Memories

    At the end of the event, all messages are safely retrieved and compiled into an audio book from one of our digital composers. You have a choice of recieving your audio book via cloud, thumb drive or CD. Imagine have a voice recording from a loved one that you can keep forever and listen to any time you want.

    All Event Use

    We drop off The Magic Telephone at the start of the event and set it up for you. No internet is needed, no cellphone plan, no wires. At the end of the event, we pick up The Magic Telephone and send the audio for composing. You get the audiobook in a few days.

    And Added Extra

    As an added extra, we can provide a Fun Ambassador to roam the cocktail hour with The Magic Telephone on a silver platter (for a small fee). Guests just have to wait in line in the bar or sit at their tables, and we will come to you. This also helps with smaller venues and guests with limited mobility.

  • Now Available

    We only have one unit and it books fast.