• M1000 - The Mirror Experience

    $981 for 4-hours

    The extraordinary experience that started it all.

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    Step up to the colorful display of this oversized 5-foot mirror, surrounded by dazzling lights and experience a Mirror photo booth unlike any other.


    With a customized user interface and Touch To Start screen, guests can pick from a selection of One pose or Three, a Magazine cover or Wanted poster. The entire experience is completely customizable based on your desires and need.


    This mirror is the "OG" and offers up a night of fun, laughter and incredible memories.


    The Magic Selfie Mirror is yours to rent and the experience comes with two "Fun Ambassadors" who will tailor your Mirror Booth event to your exact liking.


    Take advantage of all of the features that the Magic Selfie Classic has to offer including:


    Beauty filters

    Touch Screen Interaction

    Signature Drawing

    Digital Props

    Full color 4 x 6 photographic instant prints

    Boomerang Gifs

    Texting and emailing of photos

    Posting to Social Media

    Customized Overlay Designs

    Touch to Start Animation

    Optional Scrapbook keepsake

    and much more...


    We have the original Mirror Booth and supply all of our guests with no-frills pricing or hidden charges. Our fees are flat per event and we do not upcharge, so the price shown is the price you will get!


    Be sure to book today because this Magic Selfie Classic mirror books blazingly fast.




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