• Why Do You Need a Photo Booth?

    Picture this: Whether it's a wedding, a birthday bash, a family reunion, or any other special event, it's a day brimming with love, laughter, and countless memories waiting to be made.


    But once the celebrations wind down and the event comes to a close, how will you hold onto all the magic that filled the air?


  • That's where

    The Magic Selfie Experience

    comes in...

  • Our Photo Booths aren't just about snapping pictures; they're about capturing pure joy and happiness in every frame. Whether you're striking a pose with your new spouse, sharing a laugh with your best friends, or embracing your family members, our Photo Booths freeze those precious moments in time.


    Because let's face it, traditional photography can only capture so much. But with The Magic Selfie Experience, every smile, every hug, and every candid moment is immortalized forever.


    So why do you need a Photo Booth? Because it's more than just a photo - it's a memory, a keepsake, and a reminder of the love and laughter that filled your special day.


    Take a look at the packages we have to offer. Need to chat one on one with us?


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  • Packages and Pricing

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    M400 - The Digital Experience

    Welcome to our eco-friendly compact social media kiosk called The Digital Experience! We're all about sleek and user-friendly technology that's perfect for all ages. Our kiosk is designed to provide unlimited digital photos, GIFs, bursts, boomerangs, and videos for instant sharing on your mobile device.


    It's the perfect way to capture those fun moments with your friends and family at any group setting. Plus, our simple yet powerful technology ensures that you'll have a blast while using our kiosk. We're all about serving up happiness and fun, and our digital experience is no exception!


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    M800 - The Vintage Experience

    Welcome to our newest and most popular product - the Vintage Experience! Our high-quality print photographs are captured using the latest DSLR technology, ensuring that every moment is perfectly immortalized. But that's not all, our Fun Attendant will be on hand to ensure that your experience is as enjoyable as it is memorable.


    We offer a range of FREE backdrops and props to choose from, so you can create a fun and unique atmosphere that truly reflects your personality. Plus, with our FREE prints, you'll have a physical reminder of your special day that you can treasure forever.


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    M1000 - The Mirror Experience

    Welcome to the Mirror Experience that started it all, where excitement and elegance meet to give you an unforgettable experience! Our "Fun Ambassadors" can't wait to accompany you on this one-of-a-kind adventure. Get ready to hear catchy phrases as the mirror speaks to you and use the interactive touch screen to make your selections.


    Plus, you'll have unlimited access to high-quality 4x6 prints, a stunning backdrop, state-of-the-art props, and a memory photo book assembled on-site. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on all the happiness and fun that the Mirror has to offer!



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  • Other Services

    M200 - Magic Telephone


    We do more than just rent photobooths, we capture memories and what better way to capture memories than an audio guest book. Easy to use, this is an inexpensive way to capture the essence of your special day.


    M250 - Magic Photo Show


    Our simplest product yet! Guests need to do one thing - take a selfie or a picture and send it to a unique phone number.

    We do the rest.




    M700 - Hollywood Experience


    You’ve seen this in Hollywood and all over social media.

    Now you get a chance to take it for a spin.






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    Here's the deal: we think the Magic Selfie Mirror speaks for itself, but if you're need convincing, its OK. We have a ton of people who are happy to tell you how much value they received from renting the Magic Selfie Mirror including one of our favorite venues: Rockfield Manor in Bel Air, Maryland. Want even more reviews? Head to Wedding Wire or Google and see what fans of the Magic Selfie Mirror have to say.

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